Forecast for the July 2016

A forecast for the month of July 2016 by Alexander Palienko.

July 2016 will be stringy, very concentrated and full of events. It is very important not to take any quick actions and turn off the rush in July. Because it will only lead to getting yourself in some sort of a vacuum, and you won’t be able to interact with reality, with the real world around you. So, this July (even if you are a very impulsive, spontaneous man who makes his decisions fast and acts without second-guessing), you should start to do everything carefully, thinking it all through and feeling exactly what you need to do in any given moment.


The General Forecast For July

This month, there will be a concentration that you won’t be able to use, because the intensity will be as if you were in salt water, or, better yet, as if you happened to be in thick jelly. And in this case, you will be able to interact with the reality only when everything will be reasonable, conscious and effective.

If you were going to do some shopping, it would be best to postpone it. If you were going to take some serious actions, postpone them. July is not suited for that. This month, you can fully understand everything that happened, happens and will happen to you. In July, you can make all kinds of plans and create all kinds of projects. But, again, do all of that on paper and in the contracts/agreements.

For men
You need to be as hard and strong as a concrete wall, calm, and treat the world around you like you’re just an observant.
Because if you start being emotional, you’ll just “throw yourself out” of July and it will be like you’re in a different reality, where nothing will match what you think and plan.

So, the first and most important thing for men is to forget about rushing it, sit down and write down all the things that you are going to do.

To plan and to think it all through.

This will give your that concentration and the opportunity to use it in the coming months.

For Women
Your goal is to smile as much as possible, to be in a good mood, to notice everything that you like and to smoothly, gently, nicely switch to something different and try not to get stuck on anything.

So, what should women do, what should they plan? It would be ideal in July to start thinking as much as 10 years ahead. What do you want, how do you see it, how should it all come to life. Think of it in real time, as if it is already happening. You won’t be able to imagine anything else except for the things that are going to happen to you from the positive that has been scheduled by your program. Therefore, you will have full contact with your future in July. If you spend July thinking it through and imagining it, you will strengthen that future, and, most likely, that’s exactly what will happen in your life.



For Men

Working with the concentration here and now.

One little thing – you should focus on it for no longer than 3-5 seconds. Here and now, I’m a man. And switch to something else.
This will give you the opportunity to go in unison with the month that will give you the maximum potential of power and knowledge, rather than action. Please, take this into consideration.

Techniques For Women

When you are able to keep the inner smile. And the smile is not on your face, but in your chest. When you smile in your chest that helps to expand your potential for acceptance, consent and willingness to give this energy to yourself in the future, and, at the same time, fill your children and men with it.

If you try and concentrate in July on the intention, stop rushing and be smooth in all your movements, actions and implementation, but never do that globally in July, then your life will change for the better, and that toggle switch for your life will be close to you this month, in July.

And when you make important decisions this month, they will be effectively implemented in your life. For men, it will take 3 years; for women – up to 10 years.

Therefore, concentrate on what you want for yourself, for your family, for your country and for the progress in general that you want to see in the world.

And you’ll see that many things will start to happen in the nearest future.

Translated from Alexander Palienko. His Official web site.

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