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What is True Female Sexuality Like?

A while ago I discovered that we are loved primarily for our energy – it was a big reveal for me :). People also love us for our inner strength, for a certain type of look and a fancy image – sure, that too. But energy is the major thing. I’ll do a separate post about this later with all the important details.

But an even greater discovery for me was understanding of Sexuality.

We are all lead to believe that sexuality means curvy hips, big breasts, sensual lips … But only Alexander Palienko always insisted that Sexuality is the kindness in a woman’s eyes. That’s when a woman is looking into your eyes with sincerity and there’s kindness inside of her.

I spent a lot of time trying to understand this and it took me a while to really get it. And then, when I was scrolling through the social networks that are crowded with dead and frozen dolls that are considered to be sexual by the society, it suddenly “hit” me. By the way, the phenomenon that we’re witnessing on Instagram and other social networks is generally an addiction to fitness, to appearance (the image resource), and it’s a serious overdo, an obsession, ugliness and sickness in the pursuit of sexuality and beauty.

Eeah sure, a lot of people think that sexuality means “I’d hit that one”. But try to hang around with an egotistic “sexy” woman like that for at least half an hour. You’ll hardly want to have sex with her, let alone live with her for a month or so.

Why do we keep talking about some actresses for decades? Why are some of them so much beloved by people?

And it doesn’t have to do with age. Even the young Madonna haunted the minds with unusual openness in clothing, moves, and the whole sex thing, but she never had that kind of sexuality that a man really wants.


So, what grabs a man’s attention in a woman? A woman is attractive when she’s got:

Some kind of a mystery, when nothing’s simple and obvious, a depth.

Charm – when a woman says what she thinks and feels at the moment and she says it the way she would want others do say it to her. And he says it immediately, instantly, as soon as she felt it and wanted to speak up.

Sexuality – kindness and sincerity in her eyes when she looks at the man and the surrounding world. This kindness takes roots from the heart and gets its strength from the understanding that You and the whole World are one. It comes through the eyes and fills the woman and then the world around her.

Femininity – that’s when a woman is ready in advance to forgive those people – and already forgives them internally – who might not do something the way that she wanted them to. That means she is capable of forgiving a person BEFORE he/she does something wrong. This is the ability to never bother, to never get offended, to forgive, and, by coming to certain conclusions, take actions and carry on with your life.

I recomend you to read and think carefully on every word of what is Charm, Sexuality and Feminity in terms of Alexander Palienko, he knows, what he says. This might help to develop the necessary women characteristics.

People want to be around a woman like that all the time and it’s impossible to “have enough of her”, because you’ll want to “soak yourself” in what she has.

That’s because a woman has the ability to help a man improve and evolve. If we compare this to military actions and the army, then the woman is the rear, while the man is the front. Women have the bullets, weapons, ammunition, the barracks, food and medical treatment. And men are just soldiers. A woman “dresses” a man, gives him weapons, feeds him, treats his wounds and inspires him with her energy. And he joins the battle. At the end, we have women filling men with their sexual energy. Men intuitively understand that women have the energy that will make them healthy, happy and rich. This happens on a subconscious level.

How to raise your Sexuality?

Simply start doing it. Start looking with kindness at the world around.


In my opinion, the following women are good examples of very sexy ones (first younger, then older):


Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Shakira picture


Rita Ora photo

Rita Ora

Natalia Vodianova picture

Natalia Vodianova

Angelina Jolie pic

Angelina Jolie

Julia Roberts photos

Julia Roberts

Kate Winslet pic

Kate Winslet

Charlize Theron picture

Charlize Theron

Halle Berry pic

Halle Berry

Lena Headey pic

Lena Headey

Lena Headey photos

Lena Headey is my very favourite, that’s why I’ll put two sets of pictures of her šŸ™‚

Juliette Binoche pic

Juliette Binoche

Monica Bellucci pic

Monica Bellucci

Audrey Hepburn picture

Audrey Hepburn

What do you think of that? )


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