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Anti-Bugs For Dropping Weight

You think that you already know everything there is to know about it? Let’s check!


Bug №1. “To lose weight, you need to start doing it”

In fact, for loosing weight, it would be a great idea to get carried away with something completely different, to really get into it, so that there wouldn’t even be time to think about food, as if you’re experience that good kind of thrill and excitement for the whole day, kinda like you had an endogenous stimulator in your blood.

That would be perfect.

This way, you’ll start losing those pounds fast and safely, and the weight would never “come back”, simply because your brain won’t start creating any “fat-protection programs” – that’s exactly what it does when you’re “busy losing weight.”

Do you know what happens when you’re on a diet and all you ever think about is counting the calories and the crabs, protein and fat ratio? Your psychological domain gets fully consumed by food and nutrition. Piles of pork sausage, tasty cakes and buckets of condensed milk “contaminate” your poor brain.

Bug №1. To lose weight, you need to start doing it

Photo by Michael Stern (Flickr)

Even if you used to be interested in something else, from now on only food interests you.

Your mind is concerned only with food and its main task is to find food, and if you, God forbid, are deliberately restraining yourself (and your mind) from it, your brain will automatically slow down your metabolism and alter the brain chemistry.

Why does it do that?

First or all, to force you to eat something by any means necessary; Second, to save up the existing fat at any cost; And third, to try and send every bit of food that gets into your stomach into the “fat reserves” to slightly reduce the scale of the problem that it – you mind – needs to take care of.

Most people know that in the case of unanswered love or other similar problems you should try to distract yourself by anything that would “stick” and free your mind from the web of addiction. However, nobody really gets that with food. They count calories, think about weight loss and practically watch their stomachs work, only to develop total obsession with food in the nearest future, to become fanatics, hurt themselves with bulimia nervosa or start hating food so much that anorexia nervosa could develop.

That is just like if you experience unanswered love and think about the person you love 24/7, check out their pictures, re-read the archives on their web pages and always talk only about them. Would it help to get rid of the addiction? The thing is, people who are trying to lose weight actually want to get rid of the addiction. So, why is it believed that it’s absolutely necessary to “work your ass off for it?”


Bug №2. “First you have to lose fat and only then gain muscles”
“You lose weight in the kitchen, not the gym”

I have already written about this many times – and I’m not the only one, of course: Muscles are great fat burners and our starving bodies get rid of muscles in the first place (and by “starving” I mean a body that doesn’t get the daily norm of calories and carbs-fats-protein).

That’s especially true for people who never do any weight-lifting exercises. A body like that does not really needs muscles (at least that’s what it “thinks”), but fat is super-important for it, vital even, and it gets even more valuable whenever you try to starve yourself to death. So, the best thing you can do for your body is to never let it burn more muscles than fat – that’s it!

In order to do that you’ll have to make sure that you give it the necessary nutrition and workout on a regular basis – and not on the treadmill, but with weights (you can use your own weight for it). Do not look for workarounds; this is the best way to get yourself in shape.

Bug №2. First you have to lose fat and only then gain muscles

It is also very foolish to hope that a skinny, gaunt body that’s pretty much muscle-less, with a saggy butt and sluggish arms and thighs that are full of liquid would be able to pump any kinds of muscles out of thin air. To get shredded – maybe. But to “hump up” a bit even in some part of your body, you’ll have to switch to a high-calorie diet and start gaining weight again, along with fat, and only then go for a shredded body. But that will be much harder and more harmful for your body than trying to keep the muscles you already have, the ones that are under a thick layer of fat (there’s enough, trust me) and using them to get yourself ripped up.

Please, keep in mind that building muscles is a thousand times harder job than losing them. You’ll lose them in the blink of an eye, especially if you deliberately starve yourself. They’ll literally start melting before your eyes (but the fat won’t go anywhere, no), and they melt in the very places that you would like to see round and “humpy”. You won’t get any curvy body parts but dimples and flabby folds instead, and the fat will still be on top of all that. When people laugh at anorexics that claim they are fat, they don’t understand that the anorexics are well aware that their hands are as thin as strings – they are talking about that nasty sagginess on the stomach or thighs that they can never get rid of. And, most likely, they never will. They’ll take it with them to the coffin. That means that the life threshold will be crossed much sooner than the remaining fat will be burned.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be fighting fat in the gym – try and turn it into muscles.

It’s a hundred times easier for fat people to do that, as compared to skinny folks. Chubby people have a big advantage in terms of gaining muscle structure.

And you don’t necessarily have to lose weight in the kitchen – what you should try to do is to fill your body with all the vital nutrients to improve your health and to speed up your metabolism so that the fat starts to burn a lot faster. Naturally, make sure not to over-eat either, but that’s what Anti-bug №1 was all about. You can’t make this work without it.

The best diet is to replace excess food with some kind of hobby. It’s kinda difficult to come up with a cool hobby and to get consumed with it, but if you manage to do that, victory will be yours!


Bug №3. “Never eat after 6 o’clock”

Bug №3. Never eat after 6 o'clockThis bug is known to many, but still – not everybody knows about it, and, few people understand it fully.

The main bug is that people are trying to cheat the body that slows down tje metabolism in the evening. But as a result, the body starts to slow it down in the morning as well, because it stays hungry during the night, and some serious reconstruction goes on in the brain, which makes it launch a “program” that starts to look for food and tries to preserve the existing fat.

In addition, a hungry brain doesn’t get proper sleep, which increases stress, and that results into your body becoming even more resistant to losing weight.

In order to persuade your body (yes, the body can only be persuaded and sometimes cheated) to let go of the fat, you’ll have to do the opposite – feed it constantly and regularly.

It is best to eat every two hours (including before going to bed, yes), eat something healthy, something that’s rich with vital fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Feed your body with small portions, without going beyond your estimated daily norm (the norm-norm, not the one minus a thousand), and if there will be a new portion in two hours, your body will eventually stop panicking – not immediately, give it a few days – and will no longer slow your metabolism down and reserve the fat. That is the only true way for you to drop weight. But, at the same time, you need to look for “opportunities” for anti-bug №1, because you won’t be able to drop weight without it.

By the way, if you got carried away doing something and forgot to eat for a few hours, nothing wrong will happen to your metabolism.

But if you’re trying to fight your hunger by swallowing saliva and torturing yourself, something wrong WILL happen. That means that you should be treating yourself with a meal every two hours just when you’ve got nothing to do. If you fully commit to anti-bug №1, that doesn’t really matter. But if you don’t, it is better to overeat than to starve yourself, because excess fat is nothing compared to the catabolic processes in the muscles and a slowing down metabolism. Staying hungry for a few hours you’ll lose less body fat that you’ll gain because of it. And, most importantly, your brain will create a virus program that will start “infecting” you with food fanaticism.

Use your strong will when picking products at the mall, don’t let the desire to eat a pie win over you when you can eat cottage cheese with fruit, even if it doesn’t sound nearly as delicious. This is temporary. Bottom line is – you’ll have to turn into a loving mother for yourself, but not a nanny or maid that will indulge your every whim.


Bug №4. “You need to realize that your fat is ugly”

Bug №4. You need to realize that your fat is uglyThis might be helpful to those who have very little excess weight, but if there’s a lot of additional weight, you can never hate it; otherwise you’ll experience such a huge stress that you’ll need twice as much food, especially the sweet one.

Instead, try to see yourself as a pretty person no matter what shape you’re in and to think that you just want to improve yourself, because there is no limit to perfection.

Always remember that every step of this way will make you more beautiful, and, given the fact that you’re pretty great as you are, you can become simply gorgeous.

You’ll have to fall in love with every achieved result to secure it, make it strong. And if you can’t seem to secure the results, don’t ever think that you spend that time in vain. Every result you achieve (only if you achieved it while on a normal diet, not starving yourself to death) secures a neural matrix of your new body in your brain, which makes it easier for you to get back to this result. Losing a bit weight, then gaining a bit again – it’s absolutely normal – that’s how real changes happen. Never think that it’s all in vain. Only thoughts like that are in vain.

Besides, hatred towards your body can block the sexual resource and sexual energy. At the same time, sexual energy is just the perfect replacement for the pleasure of food excess (in addition to that activity that distracts you from food and adds to it). It’s also a resource for trance, and if you want to replace the drug that the food addicts are on, this is your best way to do that. If you manage to increase your libido a bit, you won’t want to each that much, not to mention you’ll get a great motivation for pulling weights in the gym. And you’ll never be able to increase your libido if you don’t love your body.

Please note – it’s not sex that replaces excess food – it’s sexuality. That means there’s no need to have sex all the time; as a matter of fact, sex is not really important – feeling that fire inside of you is. Sexy people don’t try to get rid of that fire by finding a partner for sex as soon as possible; so, don’t mistake them for sex addicts. Sex addicts are slaves of sexual addiction, while sexual people are the proud “owners” of this resource; they get used to this fire, get fueled by it, sublimate its energy and never give it full power over themselves.

Author: (C) Marina Komissarova The source (in Russian)

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