About me

Hello everyone!

My name is Anna Bright, I am 42 years old.

I’ve been living in Southeast Asia for the last 13 years. I’ve traveled and lived in different countries, now I live with my son in Vietnam, in Mui Ne kiting village by the sea.

For 17 years so far, I’ve been wondering:

– How to feel better?
– How to live happily every day?
– How to have a lot of energy?
– How to get more things done?
– How to have a harmonious relationship with myself, the world, people?

And so on.

I studied a lot on these topics. Hundreds of practices were tested and implemented.

Now, much has become clear, on the whole, everything has become simple. The puzzle came together.

For several years so far I’ve been having a good mood and happiness every day, a lot of energy. I figured it out for myself and I have already taught it to 4000+ of people as a coach.

And I am still looking for the most effective. I do a lot of testing.

Both for myself and to give the best to people.

My system is based on “three pillars”:

1) Psychology, changing the internal settings of the personality.
2) Life management (including planning and personal effectiveness)
3) getting rid of destructive addictions.

– I am a “playing coach” – everything I write about, I apply.

– I stand for simplicity and honesty in all things.

I hope you enjoy the blog! Write comments! ) Happy to see you!

I’ll try to write interesting and useful things for you every day.

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