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Hello! My name is Anna. I’m 36 years old, I’m from Russia and I’m the author of this blog called «Getting close …». Getting close to what? To where? I guess to a strong, stable, diverse and happy life, to the life that I want, the one that I’ll live with double pleasure and meaning. That’s pretty much it.

I want to get close to a live where I won’t be wasting time on some inefficient automatic reactions like getting offended all the time, or hurting my family and myself; to a life without a sense of guilt and an inner judge, without a bloated feeling of self-importance, without fear – even if I won’t be able to get rid of all that right now, then at least I’ll try to suppress those feelings in me. I want a life that is full of love, gratitude, generosity and joy from what I do on a daily basis.

When I was 30 years old, right after I divorced my first husband, I started to dig into myself a lot and I did tons of studying and reading, and the one major thought that struck me was – why don’t they teach us all that in school? Why doesn’t my mom know about this? Why couldn’t any of my friends recommend me these books or share the knowledge with me to send me in the right direction, or – at the very least – to give me a nice shake when I had absolutely no idea what was happening to me or how I could become stronger? How do I accept and love myself, what major keys do we have in this life and what do I need to focus on, what qualities I need to develop, to work on, what’s the most important thing? As it turned out, everybody around me was living in the same chaos as me.

2.5 years ago I gave birth to a baby, and I realized that I want to work on myself even harder and to improve, increase my awareness. That’s because, as somebody who I deeply trust when it comes to knowledge, said, “Like mother, like child.” He told me this back when I was still pregnant – he’s one of my favorite authors that I will be mentioning quite often in this blog, and that phrase changed a lot for me. The way the mom looks at this world, her “methods” of solving problems, how happy and not categorical she is, how she loves and accepts herself and the world around her – all of that shapes the baby. Just a little bit of work on yourself is all it takes to significantly increase both your and the child’s chances at a much fuller and more exciting life.

And now, when the state of mind in my head is a lot different from what it used to be, when my knowledge is not only vast, but also structured and formed, this blog just came out of me like my second child. I hope it’s got a great future ahead. It gives me pleasure to write here, and I’ll be really happy if somebody learns something from me. This blog came to life mainly thanks to conversations with my friends and all the first posts were topics of our discussions.

To keep it short, I’ll be writing about things that would’ve been super-useful for me – the Me who was around 6-8 years ago. Hey, even the Me from 1-2 years ago would find this interesting. I’ll be writing about subjects and matters that I’d share with my closest friends, things that would be useful to them. That covers all the important and interesting topics, as well as some sudden, fresh emotions and thoughts that I want to discuss with you. I think I will continue to grow and evolve together with this blog.

I remember a while ago, I felt like I was sitting in a dark room, wearing sunglasses and being afraid of monsters that were around me in the dark. But, as it turned out, if you take off the glasses, you’ll see that the room is full of light and there are no monsters in it. The biggest changes, the major transformation happened to me thanks to several books by various authors, my diary and direct actions.

I’ve been living with my kid in Southeastern Asia for more than 6 years now – we’re traveling to different countries. I recently divorced my second husband and the life with him, along with the whole situation with the divorce, became a really strong kick for me and helped to understand and learn about many things. I think that now I’m a completely different person and understand a lot more than I used to a couple of years ago.

During this time, I came across several modern-day authors whose work is so deep and productive that I want to study them all the time, far and wide, and I’ll be sharing their knowledge and wisdom and my own thoughts about them on a regular basis. You’ll see who my favorite authors are.

All in all, I’m really happy I started this blog, and, if it’s interesting and useful to you, please, do write in the comments 🙂

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